Bloomberg – Testimonial

Bloomberg Tradebook is a key part of Bloomberg’s Professional Services Division, and they do some pretty clever stuff!

They provide front-end technology and analytics to deliver competitive advantage in markets and are a leading agency broker for options.

Bloomberg Tradebook Europe provides clients with a single high tech platform that uses quantitative data models and analytic-driven selection to route orders to a suite of destinations, empowering traders to optimise execution and drive down implicit costs.

What Tradebook offers ultimately delivers more accurate – and therefore profitable – decision making for its clients.

But the overall offer can seem complex and sales cycles are prone to stall if prospect excitement around the Tradebook solution cannot be quickly obtained and then sustained.

One of our facilitators led a two-day training programme developed with the intention of helping Bloomberg’s sales professions to be able to sell their solutions more strategically, more effectively and faster.

“I just closed one out of my two sales deals that we discussed on the course … your course was a significant aid.”

Sales Professional, Bloomberg Tradebook Europe



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