Live Bid Support

Get your “must win” bid over the line…and win it!

How many times have you been here … your Bid Team has been maxxed out for months, your best guys are staggering like zombies from one bid to the next, there’s been no time to sit down and learn from recent projects when suddenly you’re asked to deliver “the must win” bid?

Let’s be honest, you just don’t have the internal resources nor the time available to develop a head-turning proposal at the desired quality standard.

What are your options?

Well, you could simply “No Bid” and wave goodbye to the opportunity … if only the MD would let you!

Or you could just do the best you can under the circumstances; which you know isn’t good enough and could even have long-term ramifications for your organisation’s reputation and your own career trajectory!

Alternatively, you could invite us in to assist in the creation of The Winning Proposal.

We’d like to think that this last option is your best option, but how exactly do we help in this sort of situation?

Our core Live Bid Support services include:

  • Win Theme Development and Differentiation
  • Leadership and Control
  • Project Management
  • Crafting the Executive Summary
  • Bid Writing
  • Graphics Creation
  • Shortlisting Presentation
  • Bid Strategy and Planning



“These guys bring real rigour to developing top class, high value proposals. Working truly as part of our own team they have set the project plan and assisted in the definition of, and adherence to, the right process for the job in hand. The results have been outstanding.
CEO, GTD Healthcare

Win Themes (Differentiate your Offer)

The Winning Proposal invariably has just three to five killer win themes that put very clear water between you and your competitors and which consistently serve as a “golden thread” across all of your proposal materials. Your Bid Team and other contributors will be facilitated to arrive at the very best win themes and guided to correctly deploy your win themes consistently through your entire proposal.


Bid Project Management

Perhaps your greatest challenge is getting everything done on time? When strong and timely execution of the essential steps to complete your bid to the necessary quality standards is crucial, our Project Managers can bring the discipline and tactics required to meet your plan.


Bid Writing

Has one of your bid writers gone down sick (perhaps with the stress of recent workload?!), or perhaps you just don’t have enough manpower available to meet your bid deadline? Outsource the problem to us! We’ll write the sections you ask us to … or even do the whole thing.


Shortlisting Presentation

Getting the bid out of the door isn’t the end of your process as a really good bid will secure you that vital, highly-prized shortlisting meeting. Working with your nominated team we will develop a powerful pitch presentation and get you ready for the Q&A (Questions and Answers) session to follow. By the time your much-anticipated – but also dreaded – shortlisting meeting comes around you can rest assured that everyone on your team is going to shine and really impress your prospect’s selection panel.

Leadership and Control

Would your Bid Team and Manager benefit from an external – but approachable – expert able to give oversight and objectivity at the strategic level for your bid? The Winning Proposal is ready to provide you with such expertise and offer the guidance required to raise the quality of your proposal.


Crafting the Executive Summary

The Executive Summary is right up there with your Financials section as the most important element of your proposal – you’ve simply got to get this right! Following your brief we create (or re-work) the Executive Summary for you. The resulting consistency of flow keeps your readers focused on the unique, differentiated benefits that only you can bring to them.

Graphics Creation

We live in an era when we need to get the message across really quickly, and ideally at a single glance. A picture paints a thousand words (and also keeps the word count down!). The Winning Proposal takes complex but important ideas in raw text (and even verbal) form to re-create them as stimulating and intuitive graphics that are instantly grasped by your readers and reviewers.


Bid Strategy, Planning and Training

The Winning Proposal’s core Live Bid Support services get your bid over the line on time and at a higher quality standard. But are you consistently struggling with bids? If so perhaps a more fundamental solution is required? If you want to strengthen your organisation’s overall proposal capabilities you might wish to consider our Strategy, Planning and Training services.

A really strong presentation was going to be essential to emphasise our technical innovation and leadership, whilst keeping the message easy to follow. Duncan Cranmer took my outline ideas for the presentation and created a version that was visually very impressive …and thoroughly engaging for the audience. A job well done!
EMEA Project Director, Canon Europe



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