Training, Coaching & Workshops

Empowering Bid Teams

Oftentimes it is quite right that you insist that we take on vital proposal workstreams so you can concentrate on other activities within your business.

Whilst this is a completely legitimate way of working, it’s merely a short term fix. It is unlikely that your people have learned much. We’ve served as a life raft when, really, you would have been better served in the long term by bringing your own people up to the standard of Olympic swimmers!

So, our preferred model – and the one usually preferred by Bid Teams – is one of client empowerment.

Client empowerment translates as staged skill transfer, allowing you to take increased control of an optimised bid process, having your own teams and people enjoy the benefits – indeed the glory – of improved win rates. The most effective support for your company and your Bid Team will depend on your existing strengths and weaknesses.

These are the things that will raise you to “Olympic class” in the world of tenders and proposals.

The most appropriate support interventions for you are identified during a proposal health check audit, or as a consequence of a fully comprehensive benchmarking exercise (using a recent proposal/s).

Once we have a solid grasp of your developmental requirements we finalise with you the shape of the programme that will leverage the greatest positive impact for your proposals, which can include one or more of the following:

  • Training, Coaching and Workshops
  • Bespoke Consulting Services
  • Value Proposition / Messaging Review
  • Proposal Review
  • Proposal Development Workshop
  • Proposal Development Coaching
  • Proposal Benchmarking
  • Process Optimisation



“Duncan Cranmer [of The Winning Proposal] enabled Castleoak to formalise a structured process. His facilitated workshops worked well, encouraged positive collaboration and achieved a swift outcome. This groundwork enabled us to improve and formalise the process. Everything was swift, professional and got senior colleagues on the same page quickly.

Susan James

Marketing Director, Castleoak

Training, Coaching & Workshops

Where do you need to improve and who needs to improve … to what extent and how quickly?  A potentially blended programme of Training, Coaching and Workshops on-site and / or off-site will drive you towards the speedy realisation of your desired goals.


Value Proposition & Messaging

Clear, powerful Win Themes and a well-articulated Value Proposition are the cornerstones of winning proposals. We’ll get these right for you so your bids resonate more powerfully with your readers. 


Proposal Development Workshop

The “Dos and Don’ts” of proposal development in a single day, with some flexibility over the modules that you need to get better at bidding. Useful for the whole team and often a quite cathartic experience!

Proposal Benchmarking

For selected sectors we have data on proposals from organisations that you may be directly competing against. Whilst the detail behind such data is always strictly confidential and can never be shared under any circumstances, such data sets allow us to proactively suggest areas where you would benefit from improving.


Live Bid Support and Strategy

Alongside of our Training, Coaching and Workshops we are ready to provide you with Live Bid Support services which are focused on getting your current bid over the line, on time and to a high standard. And when the dust has finally settled on this one, don’t you think it’s time to sort out your over-arching bid strategy and processes? We are here to assist.


Bespoke Consulting Services

Where your needs for proposal improvement do not neatly fall into our standard Training, Coaching or Workshops packages, we will agree a tailored, targeted workstream that constitutes the most effective way of improving your bids.


Proposal Health Check Review

Our Proposal Health Check is a great way of fast-tracking your journey to better bids. The Health Check clearly highlights the strengths to be capitalised on and the weaknesses that must be minimised and eliminated.  Armed with an understanding of your current competencies we’ll build the plan for success with your team.


Proposal Development Coaching

Interactive and intimate coaching sessions on a 1:1 or 1:2 basis, typically executed in half-day sessions to embed learning and new techniques most effectively and speedily. 


Process Optimisation

At The Winning Proposal our start point is this: if the proposal process isn’t clearly documented and open to review then you are unlikely to have a process in place that is fit for purpose. Our process workshop brings together key personnel to agree and shape the right bid process for you, whether that means starting from scratch or making targeted improvements to what is already in place.


“Duncan [Cranmer of the Winning Proposal] is a strategic thinker and skilled facilitator who is expert at getting a group to push beyond surface knowledge to truly understand new concepts. He is quick on his feet and able to command an audience. Highly professional and easy to work with. Duncan would be an asset to any organisation and someone I highly recommend.

Ann Riddle, EMEIA Service Quality



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