Live Bid Support

For when you are struggling to properly control and resource your “must win” bid. Get it over the line with professional support from our team … and win it!

Strategy and Planning

Build the right strategies, processes and systems to support you in consistently winning more bids and reduce the pain and anguish of proposal development 

Workshops and Coaching

Specialist tailored support for your bid team – bolstering existing strengths, minimising weaknesses. Tailored workshops and coaching, just for you.

Given the huge costs of developing proposals and tenders, together with the risks associated with not winning, why are so many organisations content with win rates of just one in five or worse?

In some cases win rates of one in ten might be closer to the mark; a hugely inefficient and frustrating way of conducting business!

The Winning Proposal team provides a suite of proposal development services which together can:

  • Drive your win rate to one in every three proposals or better
  • Improve the overall quality of proposals submitted to prospective clients in competitive tenders
  • Reduce the development effort and costs associated with each tender

Our proposal development services result in your targeted prospects being delighted by the materials that you submit, whilst reducing the overall costs of proposal development.

Sometimes relatively small adjustments  – “telling tweaks” – to the way that you bid can yield very significant and immediate results including:

  • Redefinition of your value proposition to make it sharper, crisper and more relevant to your prospects
  • Focused coaching for an important bid team member to increase their value to your team
  • A thorough reworking of your current draft proposal for a “must win” deal
  • A stronger shortlisting presentation that really wows your audience towards the close of the expensive bidding cycle

But it’s not always that simple!

Sometimes significant and systemic change may be essential to deliver the requisite improvement in proposal win rates.

Positive systemic improvement can include:

  • Tailored training for the Bid Teams and / or key individuals (for instance, how to write a compelling Executive Summary)
  • Bid process definition / re-definition so that bidding is faster and smoother in the future with better results
  • The deployment of a new proposal system / sales enablement solution to simplify and automate repetitive tasks that are tiring and frustrating your Bid Team
  • The integration of new, better ways of working and efficiency tools into day-to-day working to make sure that best practice is being duly harnessed

Whether telling tweaks or systemic change is required …

… The Winning Proposal’s bid transformation services provide you with sharper methods and tools for bid success: 

“In six weeks they helped grow our funnel by £65m

£31m of which became closed business within four months – a fantastic achievement!

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