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GTD Healthcare is a provider of primary care, urgent care and dental services across North West England with a very strong reputation for quality.

As a social enterprise, GTD drives to continually innovate in healthcare so it can offer patients in the North the best possible clinical experience.

Over a period of 20 years GTD Healthcare has grown in a steady, sustainable and safe way.

Historically GTD has only ever moved into new service areas when absolutely confident that it has the ability to deliver additional services to the highest standards demanded by patients and NHS commissioners.

We helped GTD as they sought to provide a new range of telephone-oriented patient services to the NHS in their region.

GTD required “that little bit extra” – stronger, slicker proposals – to convince risk-averse commissioners that they could deliver the new service; a service that had not been previously detailed and documented in full.

“These guys bring real rigour to developing top class, high value proposals. Working truly as part of our own team they have set the project plan and assisted in the definition of, and adherence to, the right process for the job in hand. The results have been outstanding.”

David Beckett, Chief Executive Officer, GTD Healthcare


“These guys bring real rigour to developing top class, high value proposals … the results have been outstanding.”

Chief Executive Officer, GTD Healthcare



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